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Eye Wear
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We've got all kind of frames, of course lots of retro, vintage, classic and nerdy style too.

Look to the future and, this time, see it clearly with quality eye wear.

To Help you See better:

EyesWear is new to Uptown and offers glasses at a Great Value.


EyesWear is a local, independent company that put on a pair of thinking glasses and did a bit of research. What was found is an estimated 7 out of 10 Americans are under insured or completely uninsured with the largest numbers without vision coverage.

With that profound answer, EyesWear created an affordable alternative vision compared to other facilities with payment plans available.

Choose from a selection of over 1000  frames style .All you need is a current glasses Rx from a doctor. No doctor? No problem, EyesWear has a list of doctors for you.


EyesWear wants to work with you so chances are, they will say YES! Expert, savy, keen, sharp that's EyesWear.